Hello, my name is Masha Irom, I am an expert Stoma nurse. I have decades of experience with patients and their families. I am a professional Stoma nurse at the highest level. I provide all Stoma support treatments at patient's home. I accompany patients returning home after surgery, help them and their care givers solve Stoma issues and overcome adjustment difficulties. I specialize in healing stubborn wounds & fungi. I am warm and empathetic.

I offer three types of service:

Monthly payment

  • Biweekly Stoma replacement at patient's home/location.
  • Additional visits to the patient's home due to unexpected difficulties.
  • Regular basis care of the wounds and lesions arising from the stoma and close monitoring of the healing process.
  • Stoma self-care training.
  • Nutritional counseling for stoma.
  • Phone Availability 7 / Watsapp 24 for professional advice and emotional support.

Visit by call

  • At patient's home / location according to his/her needs.


  • A series of three sessions at the patient's home for self-care stoma guidance for the patient and his / her care givers.